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Direct, liquid and electronic based democracy

Simetría Ecodemocracia

Contemporary technology ensures the capacity to implement descentralized, direct, electronic based democratic structures. Citizens engagement in current processes of human coordination, aim to replace profesional politicians, providing higuer stages of system sophistication. Descentralized technology allows such transition, enabling citizens accountability, security, anonimity and privacy.

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Science Tech based citizen engagement

Simetría Ecodemocracia

With technology, cognitive patterns of individuals define the scope, complexity, development and progress of contemporary social systems. Moreover, fundamental problems of contemporary societies are bounded to an systemic scientific nature. E-codemocracy promotes the construction of processes of electronic deliberation advocating science as the singular cultural assumption for processes of human coordination

Techcrowd intelligence, and elimination of political intermediaries

E-codemocracy aims to promote forms of Techcrowd intelligent democracy, throught the maximum elimination of political intermediaries.

E-CODEMOCRACY endorses to all attempts to carry out disrupting processes of Techcrowd initiatives, contemporary block chain technology solutions, future decentralized software aplications and direct electronic democratic processes.

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Elimination of formal institutional political asymmetries


E-codemocracy aims to provide and to promote actions to eliminate institutional political asymmetries, derived from historical practices of formal representative democracy, as well as from the role and legitimation of "professional politicians"

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Elimination of political mediation

E-codemocracy aims to provide solutions for organizations interested in carrying out processes of direct, electronic based democracy.

E-codemocracy is based on the assumption that formal institutional power is not able to embrace the challenges of contemporary highly complex social systems. As such, technology and the scientific background of populations are able to provide solutions for contemporary structures of descentralized governance.

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With the increasing demands of citizens to be part, and to be counted in the political arena, the role of professional politicians and “representatives” have become the single most important barrier to reach new stages of political organization. From Letland to Colombia, from Argentina to Canada, Australia or Estonia, technology is changing the way in which citizens conceive democracy, challenging the overall structures of intermediation of representavism.

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E-codemocracy security protocol

The e-codemocracy voting platform develops biometric or blockchain identification protocols to ensure privacy and security along decentralized processes of civil electronic engagement

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